USMLE Online Agreement – 7 Months

Registration agreement for USMLE prep online course  

Registration date _______/___/___ Between

  1. D. International Studies (US) LLC.

Address:  40 exchange place suit 1602, New-York, NY 10005 -2727, USA

(the “Company“) Of the one part And (the “Student”) Of the other part Whereas       The Company operates a school which runs preparatory courses for USMLE Step 1 + Step 2 (the “School“); Whereas      The Student wishes to take an online course through the Company to prepare for the USMLE Step 1 and/or Step 2 (the “Course“);  Whereas       The Student has read, examined and understood the terms of registration, the contents of this Agreement and the Course and found them to his/her satisfaction; Whereas       The Student has expressed his/her desire to enroll in the School for the purpose of studying the Course in accordance with the conditions specified in the following Agreement.



Therefore, it has been agreed, declared and stipulated between the parties as follows:

Introduction, appendices and headings

  1. The preamble to this Agreement and its appendices constitute an integral part of the Agreement.
  2. The section headings are used for convenience only and no provision of this Agreement shall be construed in accordance therewith.
  3. This Agreement is written in the masculine form for convenience only, but is intended for both men and women.


Company declarations

  1. The Company declares that it has the knowledge, experience and skillset required to teach by means of an online course for the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2.
  2. The Company declares that the instructors and/or lecturers who teach the Course on the internet have the knowledge, experience and capacity required to teach the Course and/or the material studied in the Curriculum.
  3. The Company declares that the School has the professional aids required to teach the Course taught on the internet.
  4. The Company declares that it allows any Student who chooses to take the Course through the Company the ability to do so. It is hereby clarified that the Company does not examine the student’s learning abilities.
  5. The Company shall not be responsible for technical faults in the Student’s personal computer and/or computer servers and/or the Student’s home internet network, including technical malfunctions that are not under its control and/or responsibility.


Student declarations

  1. The Student declares that he/she has the knowledge and skillset required to study the Course, including the knowledge and skillset required to study the course in English.
  2. The Student declares that he/she has the ability and discipline to study the Course independently.


  1. The Student declares that he/she understands that failure to comply with the School’s guidelines regarding attending courses and/or attending lectures and/or independent study in the Course may detract from and/or harm his/her success in the USMLE.
  2. The Student declares that he/she understands that his/her participation in the Course does not guarantee success in the USMLE.
  3. In addition, the Student understands that the lectures and exercises in the Course are intended for internal use of the Students of the Course only and that they cannot be copied, published, transferred and/or used in any way without the prior written approval of Course instructors and/or representatives of the Course.
  4. The Student declares that any intervention by the Student on behalf of the Student in connection with his/her studies through the School for the purpose of receiving details and/or clarifying details from the School, in the name of the Student, should be appropriate and reasonable and if the intervention of the Student is inappropriate and reasonable, this will constitute a breach of the student’s own undertakings.
  5. The Student declares that a breach of his/her obligations under this Agreement will entitle the Company to take legal action against him/her in order to enforce this Agreement and/or any of the provisions of this Agreement and/or to notify the Student of the cancellation of this Agreement.

USMLE Online course curriculum

  1. Upon confirmation of enrollment and the payment for the Course, the Student will be given permission to receive material on the website using a user name and password.
  2. The Company’s USMLE online course was developed using a course management platform (Moodle website).
  3. As a result, the authorization granted to the Student to the website will be for 6 months, starting at the time of sending the authorization (user name and password) to the Student as stated in section 16 above.
  4. Extension of the authorization period for the Student’s use of the website, for any reason whatsoever, shall be with the approval of the Company only. This is the place to note that the Company may refuse this request by the Student.
  5. In the event that the Student faces a technical problem that prevents him/her from learning through the Website, he/she should contact the representatives of the School secretaries who will try to solve the problem to the best of their ability. As stated in this Agreement, theCompany is not responsible for individual technical problems to the Student’s personal computer and/or computer servers and/or the Student’s home internet network, and the Company shall not be liable for accidents beyond its control and/or responsibility.





  1. The Student understands that a violation of one or more of the disciplinary sections is grounds for rescinding this Agreement without the Student having the right to receive any refund whatsoever.
  2. The Student undertakes to comply with the instructions of the Company, its directors, employees, instructors and teachers.
  3. The Student undertakes to make sure that any contact made for the purpose of clarifying and/or requesting information from the Company representatives and/or the instructors of the Course will be conducted in a polite and proper manner. In the event that the Student asks to be assisted by his/her relatives and/or acquaintances for the purpose of such a clarification, he/she undertakes to ensure that individuals acting on his/her behalf and/or his family and/or his acquaintances will contact Company representatives and/or instructors of the Course in a polite and proper manner. Unlawful conduct by someone on behalf of the Student, his/her family and/or his/her acquaintances is tantamount to a breach of this Agreement with all that entails.
  4. The Student undertakes not to perform any action which constitutes a breach of any law and/or statute and/or other regulation, whether existing prior to the Student’s signing of this Agreement and/or whether implemented and/or enacted during the existence of this Agreement and/or following this Agreement.

The term of the Agreement

  1. The term of the Agreement shall be in accordance with the date of approval of acceptance and will end after 7 months per step, unless extended with the Company’s approval, as stated in section 19 of the above Agreement.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 25 above, the obligations of the parties towards one another that may affect the Company’s rights shall remain valid even after the termination of this Agreement, including the payment of the Consideration as defined in this Agreement, including the undertakings with respect to confidential information as defined in this Agreement.



  1. For the duration of the Course, as stated in this Agreement, the Student will pay the Company the amount of $USD 1,600 for USMLE Step 1 (the “Consideration“) according to the dollar exchange rate on the date of registration.
  2. The Student may divide up the payment of the Consideration to up to two payments.
  3. In any event, the Student will pay in advance all payments for the Course.
  4. A condition for participation in the Course is making the payments on time and in order.
  5. The Company shall be entitled to terminate the Student’s studies at any time if one or more of the payments are not paid in order.
  6. The Student will not be given the right to postpone the date of the Course to which he/she was enrolled and/or to request that this Agreement be made on a date other than the date on which the Student was enrolled under the terms of this Agreement.
  7. At the same time, the Company has the right to grant the Student special written approval to postpone the Course to another date, at its sole discretion.

Protecting the intellectual property rights of the Company

  1. All services and/or information and/or materials and/or documents provided by the Company as part of the Course, without exception, will be considered as the absolute property of the Company. The Student will not use any document or material that he/she received during the Course, but for the purposes of his/her studies only.
  2. Any other use (not for studying) of any document and/or program and/or study material received and/or exposed to during the Course of studies will require the Student to obtain the prior written approval of the Company.
  3. The copyright of all the curricula and/or documents and/or practice manuals and/or files and/or presentations and/or on-line lessons and/or tests and/or questions (the “Materials“) to which the Student was authorized to use and/or exposed to during the Course, shall remain the property of the Company and the Consideration paid by the Student for the Course will not grant the Student the right to make prohibited use of the Materials he/she received during the Course and/or grant the Student the right to make prohibited use of Materials received during the Course following the Course.
  4. The Student will not be allowed to entitle another person to view the contents of the website intended solely for his/her use, even if the other person is also a student at the School.
  5. The Student will not be allowed to transfer the username and password to the study material on the website, to another person, even if the other person is also a student at the School.






  1. The Student undertakes to keep confidential and not to transfer, notify, transmit or direct to any party, directly or indirectly, and/or in any way whatsoever, any information with respect to the USMLE online Course, including educational material, questions, examples, syllabus, examination examples, knowledge, trade secrets, data and/or documents of any kind which according to their nature are not relating to the general assets (“Confidential Information”) that the Student will have due to or in connection with his/her studies with the Company as stated in this Agreement, in effect or in connection with the execution of this Agreement, before and/or thereafter.
  2. The obligations set out in this section are not limited in time and will remain in force after the termination of this Agreement, regardless of the reason for which the following Agreement has expired or expired and regardless of who initiated or terminated the Agreement.



  1. The course tuition fee is non-refundable.


Breach of Agreement

  1. A fundamental breach shall occur when one of the parties to this Agreement breaches one of the terms of the Agreement and has received a written notification of such in which the infringing party was requested to retract the breach (the “Warning“) and to correct the breach within fourteen days from the date on which the infringing party received warning notice.
  2. If the breach of the Agreement will cause damage of any kind to the Company and/or anyone on its behalf and/or the other students and/or any other third party, the Student will be liable for damages and/or to pay the injured party.
  3. Insofar as a fundamental breach of sections 27-38 of the following Agreement occurs, the Student shall pay the Company compensation in the amount of US $14,000, without derogating from the remedies granted to the Company by virtue of the provisions of the law.

Jurisdiction and Venue

  1. In the event of a dispute between the Company and/or anyone on behalf of the Company and the Student which is not resolved by the Company, the parties will be entitled to apply to the Court in the State of Israel only and in the Central District only.
  2. Any dispute whatsoever, which will arise between the parties to this Agreement, as it may arise, shall be governed by Israeli law only.
  3. A breach of sections 45-46 of the Agreement shall entitle the injured party to equal compensation for legal expenses incurred by the injured party as a result of the dispute being resolved in a legal tribunal other than as provided in this section (the “Agreed Compensation“), regardless of the outcome of the legal proceeding.
  4. The injured party shall have the right to present to the offending party invoices for legal expenses incurred, and the offending party will be obligated to pay such expenses, regardless of the outcome of the legal proceeding.


Addresses and notices

  1. The Student’s email address is as specified in the preamble of the Agreement, and any notice provided to the above address shall be deemed to have reached its destination within 48 hours from the time it was sent.
  2. The Student shall notify the Company of a change in his/her address. A notice under this section shall be given in writing to the Company.


Amending the Agreement or the terms

  1. The parties agree that any amendment to the Agreement or the General Terms shall be valid only when made in writing and signed by the authorized representatives of the Company and/or the Student. It is agreed that the failure of either party to enforce any provision of the Agreement will not constitute a waiver.
  2. The Student’s rights and obligations under this Agreement may not be assigned to any third party except with the prior written consent of the Company.


In witness whereof, the parties hereby sign the agreement as follows:


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