James Mastin

Medical student, Charles 1st Faculty

I also wanted to thank you guys, the course was excellent and I truly believe I wouldn’t have passed that exam without your help. If any of my friends mention wanting to attend med school in Europe I will definitely recommend your course.

My mail: [email protected]

Greg Rozenberg

Medical student, EUC

When I decided to study medicine, I knew it would be difficult to get into medical school. In addition, there is always a significant gap between high school and university in terms of educational level, learning approach and its methodology. My knowledge of scientific subjects was not sufficient and had to be improved. Then, I found out about M.D. International Academy and their 16 weeks program. It not only amplified my scientific skills but also developed certain autonomy, a better study method, a different way of thinking and prepared me for the upcoming years in medical school. After finishing the program, I received full support in the process of applying in the University of my choice, which was the European University of Cyprus and where I was successfully accepted. Without this program and the support received I don’t think I could have fulfilled my dream of getting into med school and to become a medical doctor. I highly recommend this program for everyone who wants to study medicine in Europe.

Lia Maor

Semmelweis University

Dear Dr. Cohen,

I want to share with you the good news – I was accepted to Semmelweis University!

As you maybe remember, we met in March 2018 in a consultation meeting towards studying Medicine in Hungary. At this meeting, you explained to me that if I will study seriously according to your pre-medical school program I will be prepared for the academic year 2018/2019 beginning on September 2018.

As you instructed I participated in your pre-medical program. The program was intensive and it included studying high level materials and practices with very good teachers. I was able to learn complex topics I never learned before. Thanks to your excellent study program I was accepted to the University I wanted most – Semmelweis University, and I believe that I am well prepared for the first challenging year of studying medicine.

Thank you and best regards,

Lia Maor

Liraz Anavi

Medical student, Charles 1st Faculty

Liraz Anavi passed 4 out of 4 university entrance exams! Here is his testimonial for the pre-med course:

I have recently finished the program at the Medical Doctor and would like to share my experience over the last three months. I’ll start out by saying, that picking this program was the best choice I have made! I started the program with zero knowledge in all the subjects , and in the end of the three months  I felt completely confident to take on the exams. I would also like to add that staff and teachers are amazing! Every single one of them gives you 110% at all time, very professional, and amazing at what they do! Overall an amazing experience, I highly recommend this program for anyone who is interested and motivated in attending medical school!

Aida Yousefi

Medical student

During this course, I have learned so much thanks to all the wonderful teachers at Medical Doctor International!

The course is structured in a very efficient and good way, and gives you the knowledge required to pass all the exams, but also knowledge that facilitates your university studies.

Everyone is extremely professional, kind, supportive and helpful from the start to the end of the course and I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to achieve their dream and study abroad.

This course has given me the opportunity to achieve my dream and I am so grateful!

Thank you for this time Medical Doctor International!


Medical student

Dette kurset har lært meg mye, både hvordan jeg organiserer mine studier, men også å respektere og sette pris på alle menneskene rundt meg. Jeg vil anbefale dette kurset til alle som ønsker god oppfølging under studiene sine. Lærerne er profesjonelle, og gir hver enkelt den oppfølgingen de trenger.


Medical student, Charles 1st Faculty

Det verkade vara omöjligt att uppnå min dröm,men då fick jag kontakt med M.D International och träffade Dr. Cohen och Dr. Yeheskieli. Helt ärligt så började jag från absolut ingenting och slutade med ett antagningsbesked från Charles University Fakultet i Prag. Studierna är intensiva men man får den bästa möjliga förberedelsen för att klara inträdesproven .Min dröm blev möjlig på grund av M.D International och jag är evigt tacksam.


Medical student

Jag kan klart säga  att utan alla bra föreläsningar och det fantastiska sätt att undervisa, skulle jag inte ha varit där jag är idag. Det är också värt att nämna att jag alltid kunde lita på lärarna, vilket innebär att de stödde mig när något var oklart. Jag har redan rekommenderat denna kurs till många andra studenter som jag känner. Kursen är den bästa starten för alla som vill börja på sin medicinska karriär.


Medical student

Det fire måneder lange pre-med kurset ga meg mer kunnskap innen biologi, kjemi og fysikk enn hva jeg hadde etter tre år med naturvitenskap på videregåene. Med dyktige lærere og høyt motiverte medstudenter var hver dag inspirerende. Jeg anbefaler MD International Studies til alle som ønsker å studere medisin utenlands.


Medical student

Kathrin made our pre-med online course in 2016.

The Online course of Medical Doctor prepared me in a rather short period of time – very intensely  and purposefully for my entrance examinations- thanks to the premed course of Medical Doctor I got accepted into my 1st choice-University! The course did not only prepare me well for my entrance exams but also for the first few years of medical school, as the course includes anatomy and physiology (which may by the way also come up in the oral part of the entrance exam). Thank you very much to the great teachers – who made it possible for my dream of studying medicine to finally come true. All i can say is, that I highly recommend this Online course to everyone!